Syrebo Upper Limb Dynamic Arm Support Training Device SY-UH01

Introduction Syrebo® Dynamic Arm Support is an upper limb-assisted rehabilitation robot developed specifically for users with limited...
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$899.00 USD
Affected hand: Left hand


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Syrebo® Dynamic Arm Support is an upper limb-assisted rehabilitation robot developed specifically for users with limited upper limb function caused by neurological disorders such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury. 

With the innovative Human Factors Engineering design, and the application of lightweight materials, the Syrebo® Dynamic Arm Support provides timely assistance to minimize gravity and friction during upper limb movement. Therefore, it enables users to engage in functional activities during early rehabilitation and enhances their capacity for activities of daily living.

It can be paired with the Syrebo soft exoskeleton robot for task-oriented training, enabling more effortless and effective movement functionality training. This helps patients gradually restore impaired brain motor neural pathways and greatly improves the efficiency of their rehabilitation.


1. Gravity Compensation

Povides gravity compensation to achieve multi-dimensional natural and flexible upper limb movement.

With the spring system that compensates gravity to arms, even users with weak muscle strength can easily perform a variety of upper limb movements with Syrebo® Dynamic Arm Support without being restricted by gravity. Such training can enhance muscle strength step by step and improve the flexibility and coordination of the upper limb joints.

2. Assisstance Force

12-level assistance force, adaptable to users in different situations.

It can adapt to the needs of users in different scenarios. For example, for users after surgery, you can start at a higher level and gradually decrease the intensity, so that users gradually adapt to the intensity of training. For some users needing high-intensity training, you can choose a lower-intensity gear to improve the training difficulty and achieve better results.

3. 270° Motion Trajectory

270° horizontal motion trajectory, fulfilling full range joint movement.

Users can perform various joint movements within 270° horizontal range and vertical space, including movements of the shoulders and elbows. This training method can help users enhance upper limb muscle strength and endurance, improve joint flexibility and coordination, and thus improve overall upper limb function.


1.Wide Mouth Desktop Clip - Universal for all types of desktops

2.Anti-sway spring coil design - Safe storage is not easy to scratch

3.High-quality electrostatic spray coating - More wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant

4.Can be used in community, hospital and home

             achieve multi-dimensional                                 Provides gravity compensation
Natural mobility of the upper body                   Accelerates the functional training process


12 levels of auxiliary strength adjustment         12 levels of auxiliary strength adjustment
Adapt to users in different situations                 Adapt to users in different situations

Daily life scene ability training

1.ADLs training

Assist users in activities of daily living (ADL) training such as eating and grooming. Assess the recovery of limb function after each training stage based on changes in the range of motion of the arm. For example, transitioning from eating with a long-handled spoon to being able to eat with a regular spoon.

2. OT training

Incorporate therapeutic exercises using small objects such as balls, building blocks, and wooden pegboards to allow for natural and flexible movements in three dimensions. This allows for effortless arm mobility with minimal exertion.

3. Task-oriented training

Use the Syrebo® Hand Function Series products in conjunction with task-oriented training to facilitate more effective and effortless motor function rehabilitation. Gradually restore damaged neural pathways in the brain associated with movement.


1. Full Coverage of Rehabilitation Cycle

Syrebo® Dynamic Arm Support is suitable for users with limited upper limb function caused by neurological disorders such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury. It caters to the needs of users with upper limb muscle strength ranging from level 0 to 5, providing comprehensive rehabilitation throughout the entire recovery process.

2. Diversified Rehabilitation Training Programs

Multi-gear assistance force can be adjusted, wide range of horizontal motion trajectory, support rehabilitation training in different scenarios such as sitting and standing positions, and provide users with more diversified, customized and refined rehabilitation solutions.

3. High Quality Details

Wide-range desktop fixing clip can be applied to different types of the desktop. Anti-shaking, anti-accidental fixed design, occupying less area, easy to storage.

Applicable people

Patients with upper limb dysfunction caused by stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spinal muscular atrophy, breast cancer surgery, etc.

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Three-dimensional Dynamic Arm Support

Syrebo Upper Limb Dynamic Arm Support Training Device SY-UH01


Syrebo Upper Limb Dynamic Arm Support Training Device SY-UH01

Affected hand: Left hand

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