Syrebo Brand

Syrebo is a global company that specializes in providing innovative rehabilitation products andservices for hospitals, communities, and families. We are committed to building world-leading, professional- grade rehabilitation robots, to provide innovative rehabilitation services accessible to everyone.Adhering to the principles of responsibility, quality, cooperation, and innovation, Siyi Itelligence has established production, R&D, and operation bases in Shanghai and Chengdu, China, and has built a globaldistribution network.

Our portfolio includes Syrebo® hand rehabilitation robot, EasyWalk® lower limb soft exoskeleton, EEG-basedassistive BCIs, upper limb rehabilitation robot, etc. Our products have obtained FDA and CE NMPA certifications, and have been marketed globally in over 80 countries and regions, serving a huge customer baseof 5,000 clinics, 100,000 families, and millions of people around the world.