Moxibustion + hotcompress + massage with moxa to protect health

Configure the built -in bag, you can use the moxa physiotherapy package, emjoy the ultimate experience of moxibustion + massage.

Extra-long straps do not pick leg type all kinds of people are available

With 63CM extension belt, multi- purpose wear massage. Thigh circumference 52.5CM, calf circumference 42.5CM. not picky leg shape not picky people comfortable and versatile.

Independent touch digital display screen easy operation for parents

The buttons and batteries are integrated in a set of molds, simplertooperatewithfewersteps . Night light display, easy to adjust at night, convenient and safe.

Five-speed intelligent temperature control four seasons universal not idle

First use is recommended to start from a gear, according to their own situation, a reasonable choice of temperature, beware of burns, 55°C above the recommended use of clothing.

Full-wrap carbon fiber heating warms to the bone

Carbon fiber heating pad is softer and fits the knee surface better. Good fixation, strong wrapping feeling, prevent heat dissipation, heat around the knee, soothe knee discomfort.

Far-infrared light therapy penetration helps relieve knee aches and pains

Carbon fiber emits far infrared rays during the heating process, which can promote blood circulation, im-prove the body's immune system and relieve fatigue.

Magnetic battery compartment two-in-one form

Removable, lightweight and compact for multi-scene use.