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SyreboCare | Stroke Recovery Treatment Product introduction

Syrebo Rehabilitation Products at REHACARE 2022!

05 Dec 2022

DUSSELDORF, Germany, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- From September 14 to 17, one of the world's leading trade fairs for rehabilitation and care, REHACARE 2022, was held in Düsseldorf, Germany. A great deal of rehabilitation experts, therapists and TOP companies in the industry gathered together to showcase the latest innovative solutions for rehabilitation. Siyi Intelligence with its Syrebo Rehabilitation Products, as an emerging force in rehabilitation industry, also attended the exhibition and surprised the audiences with a diversified portfolio of hand rehabilitation products.


Syrebo Soft Robot Hand Rehabilitation Glove for Clinic Appreciated by Rehabilitation Experts


As Siyi's flagship product, Syrebo soft robot hand rehabilitation glove, combining the most advanced soft robotic technology and neuroscience theory, can cover all stages of hand rehabilitation. At the exhibition site, visitors were actively experiencing different functions of the gloves and impressed by its intelligence and flexibility. Jude Li, Siyi Intelligence European Sales Manager says, "It not only provides patients with a more portable, effective and interesting way to recover, it is also a good helper for therapists by providing user management and strength, coordination evaluation".

Home Used Rehabilitation Gloves Become the Best-selling Product at Booth

As the surge of home-based rehabilitation demands, home rehabilitation robot was the focus of the exhibition. Syrebo's household robot rehabilitation glove stands out at the show with its portability, multi-function and practicality. Integrating passive training, mirror training and active game, it allows patients to get professional rehabilitation training at home.

New Smart Rehabilitation Mirror Introduced to the Public for the First Time

At REHACARE 2022, Siyi Intelligence also unveiled the new product - Syrebo smart rehabilitation mirror. Featured with smart voice guidance, customizable training and speech training, this new product can promote brain function remodeling and induce the recovery of hand motor ability. Positioned as a basic rehabilitation product, it enables more patients with hand dysfunction to get smarter rehabilitation training.

During the four-day exhibition, Siyi Intelligence gave a successful show and received numerous recognition and praise. As a leading rehabilitation enterprise in China, participating in REHACARE 2022 is also an important opportunity for Siyi to showcase its innovative rehabilitation solutions to the world and accelerate its global expansion. REHACARE is just the beginning and it is learned that they will also attend the coming MEDICA Dusseldorf on November 14-17.

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From Hospitals to Communities & Home

Syrebo home hand rehabilitation robot helps users to move and re-learn, so as to improve hand mobility and accelerate the process of hand ehabilitation from three levels of nerves, brain and muscles.
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