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Hand Rehabilitation Robot Glove



"SYREBO" means full-cycle rehabilitation robot system. SY stands for system; RE represents rehabilitation; BO stands for robot.

Syrebo is a high-tech brand since 2017, we focus on developing and providing HIGH-QUALITY, AFFORDABLE, and LIFE-CHANGING home rehabilitation solutions for individuals suffering from impaired mobility and function...
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Customer Reviews

"My wife had a massive stroke a approximately 2 months ago. This left her with complete paralysis in the left arm and partial in left leg. I bought this product to help out with her recovery. Today we met with her therapist and showed it to him. As soon as I pulled it out of the bag he knew what it was but had not seen one in action. "
Great for a rehab facility and/or someone that suffered a stroke
"was so excited to come across this! My mother lost most of her hand usage after an aortic aneurysm and I am hoping this will help her regain some of her hand strength and lessen her arthritis pain too."

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