SYREBO C12 (Kids) Rehabilitation Glove

About this item Feasible application of rehabilitation theory:SYREBO Hand Rehabilitation Glove combines with flexible robot technology and neuroscience,integrates...
R$ 3.388,00
R$ 3.388,00
Size: 5 years
Side: Left hand


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About this item
  • Feasible application of rehabilitation theory:SYREBO Hand Rehabilitation Glove combines with flexible robot technology and neuroscience,integrates active training and passive training,covers all stages of hand rehabilitation for stroke patients.
  • More hand rehabilitation training modes:C12 Syrebo robotic gloves have 6 training modes:passive training,finger mirror training,pinch training,extend training,fine motor training,functional training,cover all stages of hand rehabilitation for stroke patients.
  • Stronger power robotic glove for stroke patients:SYREBO hand rehabilitation robot gloves have three pumps driving power,help stroke patients with stronger power to drive flexion and extension,and there are 9 gears to adjust the strength.
  • Advanced finger mirror training:Syrebo hand rehabilitation glove innovates the design of the glove, increases the number of air pumps and the sensitivity of the sensor, can individually control the mirror training of single finger, controls finger movement more finely, and better helps stroke patients recover fine hand functions.C12 robotic glove also has wireless data glove,more convenient to use.
  • Unique static stretching:Syrebo hand rehabilitation gloves has advanced safe static stretching mode to decrease muscle tone and increase range of hand finger motion,imitates the stretching training of the rehabilitation therapist,can help stroke patients finger function recovery better.


When will you should choose hand rehabilitation robot gloves?

  1. Unable to eat or dress yourself,you can use the rehabilitation robot gloves.
  2. Unable to do rehabilitation training alone, our hand exercisers for therapy can help you like a professional audience.
  3. There are no professional Physical Therapy Hand Exercisers at home.

Our Latest SYREBO Hand Rehabilitation Robot Glove-SYHRC12 for Children

Syrebo robotic glove for stroke patients is suitable for the patients with hand dysfunction such as stroke,hemiplegia after cerebral infarction,peripheral nerve injury of hand,orthopedic surgery,spinal cord injury,hand burn,children cerebral palsy,etc.

It combines with flexible robot technology and neuroscience, syrebo stroke glove can help patients master fingers flexion and extension, reduce hand muscle tension, relieve edema and stiffness, promote rehabilitation of brain nerve injury through exercise, improve hand activity and accelerate the rehabilitation of hand function.

hand gloves for stroke patients
glove for stroke patients

Compared with other products, our C12 has many advantages:

Our C12 model has 6 functions to cover all stages of hand rehabilitation,it has three-pump power design makes the glove strength more power and adjustable.C12 can help do intelligent fine motor training;the wireless data glove makes training easier.

glove for stroke victims

Passive extension and flexion:

power glove drives the affected hand to execute group flexion and extension,and also drives each affected finger to perform the extension and flexion.

mechanical glove for stroke patients

More modes to exercise fingers comprehensively:

electric gloves for stroke patients

Unique Extend Training Mode:

30 seconds of continuous finger extending to relieve finger stiffness and increase finger mobility

Each finger can be trained separately,which is not ordinary group mirror training.

robotic gloves for paralysis

robotic glove for hand paralysis price

C12 model has 6 training modes can cover all stages of hand rehabilitation:

soft robotic glove

Product details:

robotic hand gloves

Product specification:

rehabilitation gloves for stroke

Package accessories:

stimulation glove for stroke patients

Glove size chart: you can measure hand length and width to choose the right size

gloves for stroke patients

You can measure hand length and width like this:

video games stroke rehabilitation


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SYREBO C12 (Kids) Rehabilitation Glove

SYREBO C12 (Kids) Rehabilitation Glove

R$ 3.388,00

SYREBO C12 (Kids) Rehabilitation Glove

R$ 3.388,00
Size: 5 years
Side: Left hand

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very good product

This product is amazing for people who can't use their fingers on their own. It actually moves all the fingers for a short period of time as a form of physical therapy. (20 minutes at a time).

Julio zapata
Muy buen reabilitador de manos

El artículo funciona excelente como terapia de dedos y mano de un parapléjico,los efectos se notan en el primer momento de uso.

Marcus I.
Excellent Product & Customer Service

They have exceptional customer care. I had an issue with the size of the glove I ordered & they went above and beyond to help get me the correct fit. Great, quality product that does exactly what its described to do. Would definitely recommend this seller as well as the product to family and friends in need of a good rehabilitation glove. 5 stars