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SyreboCare | Stroke Recovery Treatment Product introduction

Xtensor Hand and Finger Exerciser

25 Jun 2024

Xtensor@extensor tendon training gloves (Xtensor™M Hand and Finger Exerciser)

By precisely positioning and training the strength of the finger extensor muscles and tendons, as well as the joint mobility of the fingers, single finger and multiple finger extension training, and left and right hand symmetry training can be achieved.

Can be used to develop fine muscle and tendon movements of the finger extensor muscles. Overcome the effects of stroke, rehabilitate after hand trauma, and more to help restore hand, wrist, and finger function.

  • Used for recovery from strain, trauma or surgery, to relieve pain or increase hand strength.
  • Reduces pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis, flexor tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint stiffness, PDA thumb, Dupuytren's contracture, and tennis elbow.
  • It is focused on training the muscles and tendons that open the palms and help restore the functions of the hands, wrist joints and fingers.
  • The resistance of each finger can be adjusted individually; you can train one finger individually or train all fingers at the same time, achieving 3 different levels of resistance.
  • One size fits all sold. One size fits most adults.
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