Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme.
If you have other questions, please just send it to service@syrebocare.com.

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Pre Sale Questions

A: You can click the link of the product you want, check the suitable size and glove type, add it to the shopping cart, and then click checkout to place an order after confirming the product, enter your name, phone number, address and other information, and then you can pay.

A: We support credit card, PayPal and bank transfer payment methods, such as Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Shop pay, Google pay, Apple pay, UnionPay, American Express,etc.

A: 1. Exchange
Contact customer service (service@syrebocare.com) for product or parts exchange. Our customer service team will help arrange a replacement.
Note: The following situations are considered normal and the free exchange policy does not apply:
A) The outer packaging is slightly damaged.
B) There are minor scratches or peeling paint on the product.
C) Parts or consumable parts are damaged after long-term use beyond the warranty period.

2. Refund
We support refund applications within 30 days. If you confirm that you want a refund, please contact our customer service staff at service@syrebocare.com to explain the reason for the refund in detail. Please return the product to the designated return address and provide the tracking number for the return. Customer will be responsible for paying return shipping and duties (if applicable). We will deduct any applicable fees and send the remaining refund based on the customer's original payment method.
If a refund does not arrive for a long time after being issued, customers are encouraged to check with their credit card company and/or bank. Delays may occur due to different procedures for transferring funds between financial institutions.

A: We can deliver to almost all countries by air express, depending on the destination country, the delivery time is different, generally it takes 5-15 days to arrive, most of them arrive around 8-10 days. It also depends on local logistics.

A: We provide after-sales service, free warranty for the host machine within 1 year, and free warranty for separate gloves within 6 months

A: You can check the specific price on our product page, and pay attention to our promo discount, if you have any questions, please contact us via service@syrebocare.com or WhatsApp +8615736746131

A: Manual dysfunction caused by various reasons can be used to exclude contraindications. Contraindications mainly refer to the situation where the muscle tone of the hand is too high or the flexion contracture of the fingers.Our C12 uses a stretch mode, which can be used for situations where the muscle tone in the hand is too high or the flexion contracture of the fingers.

A: If your payment fails, please pay attention to your credit or debit card has expired, the balance is insufficient, or frozen, the billing zip code and card information matches, whether there is a limit on the amount of the order?

We suggest you check the status of your payment card first to confirm the information entered and the balance, if it is normal, we suggest you choose paypal to purchase or switch to another payment card to try to pay again when you purchase, or contact your card issuer.
A:"If you want to make a payment via paypal but there is no paypal option, then you need to select the currency as USD to make a paypal payment.
Sorry, our paypal may not support all currencies."
A:"You can directly click on the link below and enter your order number to track the logistics situation. https://syrebocare.com/apps/17TRACK
Or: You can click TRACK ORDER under navigation SUPPORT."

People Also Ask

1. Browse Products: Firstly, navigate the website(syrebocare.com) and find the Rehab products you're interested in. Rehabilitation device are typically organized by categories to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

2. Select Product: Click on the product you want to purchase to view detailed information such as price, specifications, size and other relevant details.

3. Add to Cart: Once you've decided to make a purchase, you can add the chosen Syrebo rehab products to your shopping cart. The shopping cart serves as a temporary place to store your selected items, and you can review and edit your cart before proceeding to checkout.

4. Checkout: When you're ready to buy, click on "Checkout". On the checkout page you need to provide delivery address, payment method, and other necessary information.
(If you have a discount code, don’t forget to enter the correct discount code and apply it to your order.)

5. Provide Delivery Information: Enter your delivery address and contact details Email or Telephone. Ensure that the information is accurate to facilitate the correct delivery of the products.

6. Choose Payment Method: On the checkout page, select your preferred payment method, such as credit card, debit card, Google Pay, PayPal, etc. Enter the relevant payment details.

7. Payment: After confirming the order, proceed to make the payment. You may need to enter a payment password or other authentication information, depending on the chosen payment method.

8. Order Confirmation: After successful payment, you'll receive an order confirmation email containing details of your order.

9. Wait for Delivery: Finally, wait for the products to be delivered. You can also track your order through the website's order tracking feature. https://syrebocare.com/apps/17TRACK.
Orders are processed in 1-3 days, and we usually deliver them in 7-14 days. The specific delivery time also depends on local logistics.

You can click on our shopping website syrebocare.com. There are product prices on the website. If you want to purchase in local currency, you can select the corresponding local currency at the bottom of the website.
If you want to get a discount code, the discount strength is displayed on the top of the website. You can choose a strong discount based on the product and amount you need to purchase. Enter the corresponding discount code on the checkout page and apply it to enjoy the discounted price.

Yes, We have it in some areas. You can send us your local address, phone number or email, and we will let the local dealer contact you.

Sorry, we do not have offline stores in all countries. You can learn about our products through our website, and you can also purchase products through our website. If you have questions about the product, you can consult our customer service@syrebocare.com.

Yes, Our gloves can be washed. You need to remove the gloves from the main unit controller first, and then wipe them with 75% alcohol, or you can use ultraviolet rays to disinfect them.

Yes, We can provide you the proforma invoice with our company stamp, we can also add other information that you need on the invoice.

C10 has basic training modes, it has passive training, mirror training and individual finger training functions

C11 is our upgraded model, it has passive training, mirror training, individual finger training and active game training modes, can better help active training of the affected hand

C12 comes with stronger power, wireless data glove, and 6 training modes including passive training, finger mirror training, pinch training, extend training, fine motor training, functional training. C12 can also adjust the power of pneumatic gloves in 9 levels. The advanced unique extend training mode has better rehabilitation effect on patients with high muscle tone and finger spasm.

E12 is our latest model rehabilitation glove, which also has 6 training modes. Compared with C12, it has added voice broadcast function. E12 also has stronger power and 9 level adjustable the power of pneumatic gloves, the new added advanced voice broadcast function can replace the rehabilitation therapist and has a better effect on the patient's hand function rehabilitation.

A: We have several different hand function rehabilitation robot gloves. If you only want basic functions, you can choose the E10 model. If you want more advanced functions, you can choose the upgraded models. E12 model is our latest glove with the most advanced functions.
A: We support refunds within 30 days, so you can try it for 30 days, and then apply for a refund if you feel it is not suitable.
A: We can send you the proforma invoice with our company stamp and receipt, you may need to confirm if the invoice and receipt can help you to get the insurance purpose.

Parkinson's patients can use our robotic rehabilitation gloves because the principle of rehabilitation is the same, stimulating the patient's brain nerves through touch, vision and hearing to help the recovery of hand muscles and nerves.

Our robotic rehabilitation gloves can be used for patients with finger spasms. For finger spasms, the passive stretching mode can help reduce muscle tension. Our C12 model gloves also add stretching training and gesture training functions, which are more suitable for the rehabilitation of spasticity.

We have the size chart for gloves, you can choose the right size glove according to the size chart.

We recommend measuring the length from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist as the hand length, and the widest of the palm as the hand width, and then comparing the measurement results to the size chart to select.

Each patient's recovery situation is different. According to patient feedback, generally after about 3 months of continuous training with robotic gloves, the muscle tension of the fingers will decrease and the strength of the fingers will increase.

Technical + Product Questions

A: Syrebo Robotic Rehabilitation Gloves are a form of hand function rehabilitation device, especially designed for hand dysfunctional patients caused by stroke or other diseases. Combined flexible robotics technology and neuroscience, the gloves can help patients carry out multiple trainings to help hand recovery.

A: There are up to 8 training modes to choose in Syrebo's medical and household rehabilitation device. These trainings are to help your affected hand to passively flex and extend in the initial recovery stage and then start fine motor trainings to gradually recover hand function. More information about Syrebo training modes, please contact us via service@syrebocare.com or WhatsApp +8615736746131

A: These trainings are designed to improves joint range of motion and muscle strength, relieves abnormal muscle tone of hand, prevent spasms & eliminates edema, promote the neural pathway reconstruction and improve your ADLs ability.

A: The duration of hand dysfunction is not entirely representative of the severity of hand dysfunction, which varies from patient to patient. It is therefore recommended that you refer to the Ashworth Scale below to assess the muscle tone of your affected hand. If your affected hand scores 3 on the Ashworth scale, please consult us before purchasing and we can recommend products based on your situation. If your affected hand scores 4 on the Ashworth scale, it is possible that the Syrebo glove is temporarily unsuitable for your affected hand.

Modified Ashworth Scale
0(0) - No increase in muscle tone

1(1) - Slight increase in muscle tone, with a catch and release or minimal resistance at the end of the range of motion when an affected part(s) is moved in flexion or extension

1+(2) - Slight increase in muscle tone, manifested as a catch, followed by minimal resistance through the remainder (less than half) of the ROM (range of movement)

2(3) - A marked increase in muscle tone throughout most of the range of motion, but affected part(s) are still easily moved

3(4) - Considerable increase in muscle tone, passive movement difficult

4(5) - Affected part(s) rigid in flexion or extension

A: It is generally recommended to train with Syrebo gloves for a maximum of 3-4 times per day, for at most 20 minutes each time to promote meaningful changes in hand function.

A:Most of the hand function disorders after stroke are caused by damage to the nerve function of the brain. Therefore, the rehabilitation treatment of hand function is actually to repair the control of the brain nerves for hand movement. As you can imagine, this recovery process is slow and difficult. What you need to do is START AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE & KEEP TRAINING with Syrebo gloves on professional hand function rehabilitation, which will awaken the "potential" of your brain as early as possible, and restore the lost hand function as much as possible

We have 4 model household rehabilitation robot gloves, this is their difference:
E10 is the basic model, has passive training, mirror training modes;
C10 upgrades the robotic glove, which has greater aerodynamic force and can drive patients with little autonomous hand strength;
C11 has added game training functions on the basis of E10 and C10. The active game training, passive and mirror training of C11 can help affected fingers regain active movement function;
C12 is the latest robotic glove with the most 6 functions. The newly added fine-pointing training and multi-scenario task-oriented training can improve the fine motor function and flexibility of the fingers. Prevention and relief of muscle contracture, as well as wireless data gloves, more advanced to make training more convenient.

A: We have 4 models of robotic rehabilitation gloves. Their functional designs and prices are different. You can check the product details page to learn more about our products. If you have any questions, please contact us via service@syrebocare.com or WhatsApp + 8615736746131 .

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