Syrebo Brand

Syrebo is a neurorehabilitation company providing affordable robotic products, including soft hand function robotic, soft exoskeleton robotic for lower limb, Brain-Computer Interface(BCI) solution, upper limb rehabilitation robotic for hospital, clinics and individuals.

Our soft hand robotic series are capable of providing high-tech training solution with Brain-Computer Interface(BCI), Electromyography(EMG), flexible sensor and Electrical Nerve Stimulation(ENS). The robotic for upper limb rehabilitaiton training is suitable for all scenes with high precision optical positioning. Soft robotic for walking are capable of providing gait analysis and assistance to patients, who suffer from neurological injury , stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Our products have passed FDA approval and CE approval. Since 2017, our products have been marketed globally in over 80 countries and regions, serving a huge customer base of 3000 hospitals, and 50,000 individuals.

Our mission is to develop affordable rehabilitation robotics and service for hospitals, clinics, and individuals.