Syrebo Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot SY-UEA2

Product description Syrebo Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot adopts a full-featured mobile chassis and high-precision optical positioning technology,...
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Product description

Syrebo Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot adopts a full-featured mobile chassis and high-precision optical positioning technology, providing users with various effective target-oriented training to enhance upper limb strength, speed, accuracy, and reshape upper limb functionality.

Weighing only 8kg, it is small and portable, and can meet a variety of scenarios. It offers a wide range of customizable training programs (including strength training, ADL training, ROM training, coordination training, cognitive training, and task-oriented training). It allows therapists to monitor the speed, strength of patient’s upper limb in real time, to help them adjust the training plan and realize the closed-loop management of the rehab process.

 Key features

  • Ergonomic design, specialized accessory combination
  • Adjustable arm length, suitable for a wide range of patients
  • One-touch height adjustment table,compatible with wheelchairs
  • 4 sets of safety protection systems, increasing safety assurance
  • Omni-directional mobile platform
  • Precision optical positioning, surpassing industry standards

Product principle


Its essence is a terminal traction, two-dimensional upper limb rehabilitation robot for upper limb rehabilitation. It is able to actively participate in various sports in rehabilitation therapy and provides assistance with auxiliary or countermovement according to the patient's needs. By designing the rehabilitation movement into the form of a game, the patient is recovering while cooperating and interacting with the robot. It has a flexible motion profile and helps patients perform rehabilitation exercises by providing personalized power and speed control.

The main rehabilitation principle it uses is the motor learning theory. The theory emphasizes the promotion of relearning and remodeling of the central nervous system through extensive repetition and deliberate training to restore impaired motor function.
Then there is the theory of neural plasticity, also known as brain plasticity or neuroplasticity, which refers to the adaptability and changeability of the brain and nervous system. It refers to the ability of neurons and neural circuits to adapt and adjust through structural and functional changes under the influence of factors such as external stimuli, learning, experience, and environmental changes.

Composition of the product

The composition of the product can be roughly divided into three parts: software system, power unit, and height-adjustable height-adjustable desk.

1.Power unit:
It is the triangular device on the desktop. Its structural design has two characteristics: ① First, it can be said to be the first in China. It is different from the traditional slide rail or connecting rod structure. Its structure is very small and portable. It has an all-round mobile chassis (universal wheels) and a high-precision optical positioning table pad. The principle is similar to that of an optical mouse, so its positioning is very precise and its movement is very smooth. Thanks to this compact and portable design, it is the only two-dimensional upper limb rehabilitation robot that has the potential to meet full-cycle, multi-scenario use ② Second, there are three types of replaceable handles, grip type, flat type, hemispherical shape. It can meet the needs of patients with different functions or different rehabilitation stages of displaced patients.

2.Software system:
There are five main functions: user management, evaluation, training, reporting, and settings. Then the core module is evaluation and training. It actually provides a human-computer interaction interface or a situational interactive game interface, which brings immersive experience to users and enables them to exercise their functions in the game.

3.Adjustable table:
Our adjustable desk and power unit are independent, which means they can be separated. Therefore, the usage scenarios are more flexible. For example, patients can take the power unit and table pad home without buying a table (taking up space) or buying a large display screen. The software system can be installed on a desktop, laptop or tablet. On the other hand, it also saves the purchase cost.


  1. Our products are suitable for a wide range of people. Broadly speaking, they can be used by people with upper limb dysfunction caused by various reasons. The most common clinical symptoms are upper limb dysfunction caused by stroke and traumatic brain injury. Due to the portable design of our product, it can be used in hospitals, communities, and families.
  2. Not only can reduce muscle tension, but also help to improve muscle strength (shoulder abduction, external rotator; elbow flexor)
  3. Small and portable, can be used in hospitals, communities and at home
  4. User management, each patient has a training file, can formulate a training plan, and can generate a report after the training, which is convenient for the therapist to compare before and after and judge the training effect
  5. Rich and customizable training programs: For example, passive training, we can choose the preset action track in the prescription library, or customize the settings. The interactive training of the scene can bring visual, auditory, and kinesthetic multi-sensory stimulation
  6. Realize multi-dimensional accurate feedback through various sensing devices: real-time monitoring of parameters such as speed, strength, and range, and accurate feedback of recovery status, and then timely and dynamically adjust the rehabilitation training plan to achieve closed-loop management of the rehabilitation process.
  7. Compared with competing products, we have obvious advantages: we have scale evaluation, a larger range of desktop upgrades, an independent power unit that can be driven by batteries, more accurate positioning, and smoother movement, which can meet full-cycle and multi-scenario use.
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Syrebo Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot SY-UEA2

Syrebo Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot SY-UEA2

Dhs. 56,205.00 Dhs. 41,216.00

Syrebo Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot SY-UEA2

Dhs. 56,205.00 Dhs. 41,216.00

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