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SyreboCare | Stroke Recovery Treatment Product introduction

Intelligent Rehabilitation Mirror

by SYREBO CARE 30 Aug 2023

Combination of mirror therapy and speech training

The intelligent rehabilitation mirror improves the existing clinical plane mirror, and innovatively proposes a mirror image training method combining voice training and mirror image training, which is applicable to a wider range of people and can be widely used for hand dysfunction caused by stroke. Limb pain in patients with speech impairment, complex regional pain syndrome, lateral neglect, amputation, and hand surgery.

it contains:
An intelligent voice assistant,
A voice observation mirror
A desktop adjustable mirror

Principles of Rehabilitation

In our brains, language functional areas (mainly Broca's area) and mirror neuron systems partially overlap
Or we can say:
Some mirror neurons are located in Broca's area of the cerebral cortex (which controls language, movement, and language comprehension).

Treatment effect: 1 + 1 > 2


Basic MoVEMENT Training:
Hand grip, hand open
thumb opposition:
Opposite to each finger
Wrist Ulnar deviation, hook grip, thumb rotation, thumb flexion and extension, abduction, forearm pronation and supination, etc.
Functional TRAINing:
Stack chess pieces, flip cards, hold wooden sticks, hold glass balls, hold glasses, hold pencils, hold spoons, etc.
speech function training :
Method ①Do hand grip、opedn training, Thumb opposition training, wrist flexion and extension training, basic movement training, and functional movement training according to the voice
Method②The patient sends instructions to do the above training.

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