• Q: What Are Syrebo Robotic Rehabilitation Gloves?
    A: Syrebo Robotic Rehabilitation Gloves are a form of hand function rehabilitation device, especially designed for hand dysfunctional patients caused by stroke or other diseases. Combined flexible robotics technology and neuroscience, the gloves can help patients carry out multiple trainings to help hand recovery.
  • Q: What kind of training can Syrebo gloves do with my affected hands?
    A: There are up to 8 training modes to choose in Syrebo's medical and household rehabilitation device. These trainings are to help your affected hand to passively flex and extend in the initial recovery stage and then start fine motor trainings to gradually recover hand function. More information about Syrebo training modes, please contact us via service@syrebocare.com or WhatsApp +8618049733509
  • Q: What effect these trainings can do to my hand function rehabilitation?
    A: These trainings are designed to improves joint range of motion and muscle strength, relieves abnormal muscle tone of hand, prevent spasms & eliminates edema, promote the neural pathway reconstruction and improve your ADLs ability.
  • Q: My hand has been dysfunctional for more than 5 years, can Syrebo gloves be helpful to me?
    A: The duration of hand dysfunction is not entirely representative of the severity of hand dysfunction, which varies from patient to patient. It is therefore recommended that you refer to the Ashworth Scale below to assess the muscle tone of your affected hand. If your affected hand scores 3 on the Ashworth scale, please consult us before purchasing and we can recommend products based on your situation. If your affected hand scores 4 on the Ashworth scale, it is possible that the Syrebo glove is temporarily unsuitable for your affected hand.
  • Modified Ashworth Scale

    0(0) - No increase in muscle tone

    1(1) - Slight increase in muscle tone, with a catch and release or minimal resistance at the end of the range of motion when an affected part(s) is moved in flexion or extension
    1+(2) - Slight increase in muscle tone, manifested as a catch, followed by minimal resistance through the remainder (less than half) of the ROM (range of movement)

    2(3) - A marked increase in muscle tone throughout most of the range of motion, but affected part(s) are still easily moved

    3(4) - Considerable increase in muscle tone, passive movement difficult

    4(5) - Affected part(s) rigid in flexion or extension

  • Q: How often/how long should I use Syrebo robotic gloves?
    A: It is generally recommended to train with Syrebo gloves for a maximum of 3-4 times per day, for at most 20 minutes each time to promote meaningful changes in hand function.
  • Q: How long do I train with Syrebo gloves to get my hands back to functioning after stroke?
    A:Most of the hand function disorders after stroke are caused by damage to the nerve function of the brain. Therefore, the rehabilitation treatment of hand function is actually to repair the control of the brain nerves for hand movement. As you can imagine, this recovery process is slow and difficult. What you need to do is START AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE & KEEP TRAINING with Syrebo gloves on professional hand function rehabilitation, which will awaken the "potential" of your brain as early as possible, and restore the lost hand function as much as possible