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SyreboCare | Stroke Recovery Treatment Product introduction

FingerWeights Finger trainer

09 Jul 2024

FingerWeights Finger trainer

Combining the basic principles of progressive resistance training for the fine motor muscles of the fingers and hand, FingerWeights training improves hand/finger endurance, flexibility, dexterity, precision, muscle strength, and overall finger and hand performance.
The FingerWeights finger muscle training module can be worn as an independent device and combined with the exercises recommended in the FingerWeights instruction material for training, or it can be worn in daily life during practice/games, so whether you are a music lover, athlete, or game player , or people who are recovering from finger/hand injuries, can benefit from using the FingerWeights finger strength training module.

Medical aspect
Among nearly 100 types of arthritis, the common degenerative osteoarthrosis (Degenerative Osteoarthrosis) and rheumatoid arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis, RA) are common. Most patients with these two diseases will have symptoms in the fingers and hands. Other diseases of the fingers and hands include carpal tunnel syndrome (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), finger flexor tenosynovitis (trigger finger), etc. These conditions cause pain, swelling, and stiffness in the knuckles or surrounding soft tissues, resulting in insufficient use of the hands and fingers, resulting in muscle shrinkage, which may lead to further weakness and associated deformities and disabilities.

Keywords: rehabilitation, hemiparesis, stroke, mirror, arm, hand, therapy, rehab, glove
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