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SyreboCare | Stroke Recovery Treatment Product introduction

Achieva Smart Mirror - Mirror Therapy

20 May 2024

Mirror Therapy

Mirror Therapy is most effective when practiced every day,  ideal for clinical and home use.

Dr. Arsele from the University of California, San Diego, published an article in the British medical journal "THE LANCET" Rehabilitation of hemiparesis after stroke with a mirror: "Stroke patients observe the activities of the healthy limb in the mirror and use the paralyzed limb to imitate the activities of the normal limb. This therapy is beneficial to the recovery of patients with mild paralysis."


  • Indicated for the treatment of upper extremity pain and limited movement due to phantom limbs, hemiplegia, arthritis, complex regional pain syndrome, or concomitant hand surgical problems.
  • Helps enhance exercise planning while reducing symptoms of kinesiophobia.
  • SMART-Mirror™M can be used in mirror therapy or as a final phase of training.
  • Innovative functional design, including the function of adjusting and positioning the mirror between 90°-65°, effectively improves individual viewing comfort.
  • It can be easily set to one-handed mode for use at home or in the clinic.
  • Three vents help airflow while allowing the therapist to observe movement. The appearance design is smooth, effectively protecting the mirror surface, and the storage space is more compact. Clean with a soft, clean cloth or with a mild soap and water solution. The visible shockproof mirror area measures 8"x13.4" (20x34cm)

Keywords: rehabilitation, hemiparesis, stroke, mirror, arm, hand, therapy

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